SAUDIA Airlines Expands Offerings With 25 New Destinations

by | Apr 12, 2023

SAUDIA Airlines unveils 25 new routes in 2023, giving luxury travellers more options when planning their next destination getaway.

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SAUDIA Airlines’ recent announcement has set the travel world abuzz with excitement. The airline is preparing to unveil 25 new destinations in 2023, including Malaga, Lisbon, Mykonos, Rhodes, Beijing, Nice, and Birmingham, to name a few. This move is part of SAUDIA’s ongoing efforts to connect the world with Saudi Arabia.

One of the most significant changes is the recent launch of their one-stop visa portal, “Your Ticket Your Visa,” which links transit visas with flight tickets. This makes it easier for travellers to access the Kingdom and explore its many attractions, which have been largely off-limits to foreigners until now.

For luxury travellers seeking new and exotic destinations, this is fantastic news. They can now explore Tanzania and resort towns like Sharm El Sheikh, Turkey’s Antalya, or Izmir while making Riyadh their stopover. Chinese travellers looking to enter the Middle East from Beijing will also appreciate the convenience of direct flights to Riyadh.

SAUDIA Airlines’ move is also a competition to Emirates and Dubai, presenting travellers with more options and opportunities to explore the many wonders of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom has plenty to offer, from the natural landscapes of the Red Sea and Asir Mountains to the historical and cultural attractions of Mada’in Saleh, the AlUla heritage site, and the Diriyah historical district.

In addition to the new destinations, SAUDIA Airlines is already connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur. This makes it easier for travellers from South and South East Asia to plan their trips and create custom travel itineraries when exploring this new destination. ◼

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